Are you

  • lost when it comes to computers
  • clueless about how to register a domain name (what's a domain name?)
  • mystified about the inner workings of websites, let alone WordPress (Word what?)
  • at a loss when it comes to cybersecurity
  • utterly discombobulated by the multitude of website hosting companies who claim they are the "best"?

If any or all of the above apply, don't worry, that's where I come in. You write, I take care of the technical and graphical implementation. Yes, it's that simple!

Further, I'm located in the US, and as an ATA-certified translator I am bound by ATA's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice in interactions with all my clients, regardless of whether I'm offering language services or something else. I'm not going to leave you hanging with a half-finished website or worse.

Here is how it works in detail

I send you a brief questionnaire. We then meet online for 20-30 minutes to discuss expectations and the package of your choice.

I send you a detailed contract. If you agree, you pay 50% of the discussed fee in advance (not to worry, with buyer protection).

I send you a more detailed questionnaire with layout and content questions while I reserve the domain name and set up the hosting.

You send me the copy and artwork, which I then implement while you sit back and relax.

You review the site, which is not yet public, and make a list of desired changes (within the limits of the theme functionality and chosen package).

I implement all the changes you requested. I also send you instructions on how to make changes and add pages and content yourself after step 7.)

Your website will go live upon receipt of the second 50% of the agreed fee.

I make sure your website is securely hosted and everything functions as intended for one year. Afterwards I can either transfer the website/domain to a host of your choice for free, or you can continue hosting with me for a fee.